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Design Shop 9.0

DesignShop takes lettering to the next level with control point editing
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Are you a seasoned digitizer? Are you new to the industry, and looking for the best software? Either way you will be impressed with the versatility and user-friendly features Design Shop V9 offers.
New digitizing features include:
* UnaFill Splicer This will allow users to splice multiple directions of fill stitches for one object.
* Auto Underlay Users now have multiple choices of underlay styles for any digitized object or font.
* Object Color Properties Objects will maintain color properties so that copying and pasting will not require re-sequencing of colors.
* Vector Graphics to Embroidery Assistant This awesome feature allows easy point and click conversion of any vector file to be digitized in seconds.
DesignShop V9 takes lettering to the next level with features like control point editing, expanded stitch editing and automatic borders. DesignShop V9 features sophisticated lettering capabilities for all embroidery alphabets as well as true type conversions. You can even create your own alphabets.
DesignShop V9 allows you to work in various view modes to see stitches, colors and final output simulations. The screen/project view gives you a pre-embroidery look at the finished product. DesignShop V9 also has an innovative appliqué feature (the first in the industry) that lets you display the appliqué pieces in a fabric on-screen for a realistic view of the complete design.

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